Clover Market: Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes, Pour Overs, & Vintage Maps

Clover Market
This past Sunday, we were granted a rare opportunity to have an actual, and increasingly rare, weekend-day free of any scheduled events or engagements. Seizing that chance, the family headed over to Ardmore, PA to check out a handmade and vintage fair put on by Clover Market.

Operating for the past four years, "the Clover Market is a seasonal open-air market featuring 100+ vendors with antiques & collectibles, vintage jewelry & clothing, finely crafted handmade items, and original art."

I seriously think it has taken us three of those years to finally be able to attend! The wait was worth it, however. I completely adored the entire event!

Clover Market is composed of an eclectic mix of vendors that sell anywhere from letterpress prints, to vintage clothing, to silk screened art, to handmade jewelry, to curiosities, to mid-century furniture... and there are plenty of, my favorite, food trucks! I loved how there wasn't a separate section for handmade and vintage; they all happily co-mingled in retail and aesthetic bliss.

Sweet Box

Of course, I made a bee-line over to Sweet Box Cupcakes for their outrageously moist vegan cupcakes. They didn't have my favorite flavor this time, but they did have a chocolate ganche and sprinkles confection of which my children did not let me take more than two bites. They happily walked around with chocolate smeared across their faces for the rest of our visit.

ReAnimator Coffee Roasters
The "pour over"

Having been robbed of my cupcake, I went straight over to ReAnimator Coffe Roasters for a "pour over." I'm not so sure the pour over technique makes a huge difference in the way the coffee tatstes (I'm not that much a bean snob to notice) but the masterful technique is both beautiful and fascinating to watch. The slow process is also a welcome pause in a increasingly too-rushed world.

PS: I need a ReAnimator T-shirt!

Hoof and Antler
Hoof and Antler
Hoof and Antler
My favorite vintage booth (I loved them all, but this one "spoke" to me!) was Hoof & Antler.  They offered a great collection of vintage maps, medical/anatomical charts, wabi sabi, books, clothing, signage, letterpress blocks, and more. I could have gone broke, but I restrained myself. They are on Etsy, so you can also shop them conveniently from your laptop!

It was a great Sunday spent at the Clover Market. I am very happy that we were finally able to attend. If you are in the Philly area, check out their next market. Like Clover on Facebook for updates and notifications! Happy shopping (and eating!).

Well, Hello There, Lemon Blueberry Quick Bread! (Recipe Review)

Truth be told, I have not been creating recipes. I've working out, riding my bike, and eating simply and healthfully; there are only so many recipes for quinoa, sweet potatoes, and steamed kale that you probably want to hear about.

But, the other day, there was a huge deal on a gigantic amount of blueberries at TJs that was too good to pass up. My kids love them, but I knew that we would not go through them quickly enough before they started to shrivel and mold. I was going to make blueberry muffins with them, but then the idea for a blueberry lemon bread came to mind. Searching for recipes I found this one from All Recipes (a site I love!) and it seemed doable to de-egg. I used sour cream to replace the eggs, but you can use your favorite vegan yogurt or sour cream; about 1/4 cup/ egg seemed to do the trick. I left out the glaze because who needs all that sugar? The result was moist, dense, and not too sweet. Thumbs up! I will definitely revisit it again.

With the summer berry season upon us, this recipe would be as equally great with raspberries or strawberries!