Weekend: Fresh Air, Burnt Banana Bread, & General Tao's Seitan

On Friday, we kicked the weekend off with an early morning bike ride by the Delaware River . The fog was so thick and the path still so covered with slushy snow that we had to move the party to a nearby state park. I have to say, the weird pockets of warm air coupled with cool air, mixed with the fog and the advancing thaw made the ride, dare I say, magical. The fresh air and vistas were just what I needed.

I also added some retail therapy into the mix by heading over to the local antique shop where I found these little ladies to add to my matryoshka collection. I love how the little ones are almost completely unadorned.

Continuing on with the need to be in nature, the family and I went for a long bike ride on the Chester Valley Trail, which is conveniently located next to Su Tao Vegan Cafe! Bonus!

The trail at sunset. It was completely beautiful and full of the sounds of birds and water trickling off the mounds of melting snow. No better therapy than nature!

The Mister and I goofing off in silhouette while taking a short break off the bikes.

Rocked the Trader Joe's Cinnabuns for the kids on Sunday morning. You may have seen them on Instagram. And well, if you're not already there with me, let's meet up! Instagram handle: scissorsandspice

You know, sometimes accidents happen. Like this burnt banana bread. I was making it for some friends, had the timer on and everything and, well. It totally burnt. Sorry guys!

The view out of my kitchen window... grass! You see grass! The grass! The two feet of snow in my backyard is finally melting! Hallelujah! I can feel it! Spring is coming.

I was also able to slip in a little girl time and get in a much needed mani with a friend on Sunday. Probably the best manicure I've gotten in a long time!

The weekend ended on a great note, when we returned back to our friends' house after our pampering, her husband had made, seriously, the most incredible General Tao's seitan, fried rice, and steamed veggies for us for dinner. I really hope he opens a restaurant at some point, because his cooking is incredible. I'm getting hungry just looking this picture!


  1. Whoa....those cinnabuns look AMAZING! I so wish we had a TJ's here. And the seitan dish? YUM!!

    1. So gooey and junk foody! The kids love them!

  2. Sounds fantastic and it all looks so pretty. Even the banana bread, if you pretend it's a chocolate loaf :) Love the horse in its coat and the first shot in the park!

    1. I have a weakness for horses in jackets. :)

  3. The seitan looks yummy!
    I just hate it when something I bake burns... :/ But at least you had cinnamon rolls. :)
    Thanks for your instagram name! Just followed you and looking forward to seeing your new photos.


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