Review: Food For Life Gluten-free Brown Rice Bread

Gluten-free and vegan lunch: Hummus, avo, cukes, tomatoes, olive oil on toasted Food for Life Brown Rice Bread

You know when it is about to snow and everyone runs to the store for bread and milk? Well, I ran to the store to stock up on veggies. Then I remembered a picture on Pickles and Honey's instagram; she had posted a photo of gluten-free bread by Food for Life purchased at Trader Joe's. After being sick for almost two weeks, I had gotten a bit derailed from eating gluten and dairy-free, so I wanted to pick up a loaf to aid in my GF-inspired cleansing.

I was actually pleasantly shocked at how good it was toasted! FFL's bread has no eggs (unlike many GF breads) and is vegan, so it suits my lacto-vegetarian needs. I will definitely be picking up more when this loaf runs out!


  1. I like this bread a lot but ONLY toasted! It's terrible fresh and it's the only GF bread I've ever eaten, I think. Do you know of others that don't need to be toasted?

    1. Like carob isn't chocolate, but looks like it, that is how I see gluten-free baked goods. You always want them to be like their glutinous counterparts, but they are far from it! :) I haven't tried it not toasted yet; something told me it would be better as toast. I tried one other GF bread before, but it crumbled and fell apart. I wish there were more that didn't have eggs!

  2.'s one of the only egg-free gluten free breads out there and me and my daughter liked it too. I've also tried the breads from Schar (a big gluten free brand in Europe) and some dont have eggs but they seem to be made with lots of refined starches. Silver Hills also makes a GF vegan chia bread that is pretty good...usually see it in the freezer section at Whole Foods. The company that makes the Ener G egg replacer makes a good eggless Brown Rice loaf that is pretty fluffy.


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