Months and Months of Veg Food in Pictures!

Despite my lack of food blogging, I still have been documenting some pretty awesome food over the past few months. Here's a very big peak into a couple months of eating!

There has been lots of traveling, so lots of restaurant visits (like the picture above) to wonderful vegan eateries like Blossom in New York.

There's also been lot of healthy eating going on too, like this crunchy raw salad of cabbage and kale that my sister is semi-famous for making.

Oh, but there was also lots of junk food eaten, like at Foodswings in Brooklyn.

And there were quite a few plates of spicy, hot and crunchy Gobi (cauliflower) Manchurian from Bombay Talk in Islen, NJ.

I'm always sure to get the kids cooking, too. Here my son and I are making some early morning granola.

The granola was a big hit at my daughter's Thanksgiving feast at school.

And every morning starts with a Nespresso coconut latte. It's mandatory.

There have been ladies' brunches like this one at Mi Lah Vegetarian in Philadelphia, PA.

These veggie dumplings from New York Tofu House were so yummy, I needed a second order!

Of course, no trip to NYC is complete without venturing to Doughnut Plant!

Lan Cafe is always on my "must-go" list when we are in New York.

The BBQ seitan from Lan Cafe is to die for!

Earth Cafe raw vegan cherry cheesecake. Oh my goodness... so incredible!

All this traveling and eating out means lots of cleansing when I am home. A coconut milk, banana and spinach smoothie while photographing stock for New Sweden Vintage.

After a 12-mile bike ride, nothing is better than a big plate of veggies from Su Tao Vegan Cafe in Malvern, PA.

Oh! And there was a wedding with a vegan entree that was so simple and good. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

More cleansing and simple meals at home. Kale, chickpea and veggie soup.

I was so busy packing orders, with Christmas, and life in general, that I decided to side with sanity and buy a vegan cake at Whole Foods instead of baking for a family party. I was so glad I did. The cake was so moist and delicious (I was so much more relaxed!).

I did do some baking over the holidays though. I saw an idea on Pintrest for reindeer cupcakes and my daughter begged me to make them for her class. They were a big hit with the kids!

Please Meet My New Baby!

Introducing New Sweden Vintage!

Surprise! I've given birth again! But, ok, not to a child, but to a new Etsy shop. I always felt a little weird about how diverse this blog was: vintage, veg food, design, photography, the Etsy shop... it all became too much to manage! So, in order to simplify, I decided to make things more complicated by splitting myself into two. Scissors and Spice will now be all food and handmade craft and my new blog and store, New Sweden Vintage, is all about design, mid-century home goods and Scandinavian vintage. The name is derived from this area of Delaware which was originally settled by the Swedes and was called, you guessed it, New Sweden (though we all know the Lenape Indian tribe was here waaaay longer than they!).

From the minute I opened New Sweden, orders flooded in and I had little time to introduce anyone to the shop! So please forgive me for being so negligent. I haven't even had time to keep up with the new blog, of the same name. I was waiting for my husband to design my logo, and one thing led to another, and 1.5 months later, I'm finally getting around to letting you know where I have been. Logo still needs to be designed, but hopefully I'll have that by next spring when I go through another round of restocking the store.

Please take a look at the shop and blog. I hope to get back to recipe making and crafting in my downtime. I've missed everyone here at Scissors and Spice! In the meantime, let me know what you think and have fun browsing.

Below are items that are either currently in the store or have been recently sold. I specialize in Mid-century, Scandinavian vintage, Cathrineholm, and Pyrex. If there is something you are looking for, hit me up; I may just have it in back stock!

PS: You can follow New Sweden on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!