Cycling & R&R at the Delaware Beaches During Indian Summer

Rehoboth Beach, DE on a Saturday in early October! Amazing!
This weekend, we took advantage of the lingering warm weather and headed down to the Delaware beaches for some much needed R&R and biking along the scenic Junction and Breakwater Trail

Kids being kids

Sea shadows!

On Friday, we practically had the entire beach to ourselves and the kids happily dug in the sand for hours finding all sorts of sea treasures and crabs. The weather was perfect and the entire mood of the day was so peaceful.

Beautiful colors. Hopefully this crab just needs to regrow another claw.

Vintage Delmarva Map

Flowers still blooming in Rehoboth
On Saturday, we took a really long bike ride through the trail, into Rehoboth Beach, and into Cape Henlopen State Park where we took the Gordon's Pond Trail (which is only open for a few months out of the year because it is a nature preserve). The sights were incredible, and looked almost what we could imagine Africa to look like. We could only do part of the trail because it was too hard to pull the kids in the trailer over the soft sand, but would love to do the entirety of it when we the kids are older.

Gordon's Pond in Henlopen State Park

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