Semi-homemade Vegan: Arrabiata Quinoa with Cannellini & Asparagus

As much as I would like to make everything from scratch, sometimes it is just not possible. Thank goodness for Trader Joe's; I love using products of theirs like pre-baked tofu, jarred roasted red peppers, pizza dough, and prepared sauces to speed up dinner prep on busy nights.

Here I combined cooked quinoa with steamed finely chopped kale (I added a bit more water than required to cook the quinoa and threw a couple of handfuls of the kale in while it was cooking) with Trader Joe's Arrabiata sauce and topped each serving with stir-fried asparagus and broccoli, chopped roasted red peppers, olive oil and white cannellini beans. The whole meal took about 30-minutes to prepare (only about 15-minutes of that required hands-on time).

Tip: Before adding quinoa to water, dry roast it in a pan on medium-heat, stirring frequently until the grains become slightly browned and fragrant. This technique gives the quinoa a nice nutty flavor!


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