Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Sandwich, Heirlooms, & Bacon Fries

Your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe (add a bit more brown sugar) + diced fresh peaches + pecans x 2 + soycreamery = messy fun vegan summer dessert.

Can of chickpeas + jarred cherry peppers + tons of fresh basil + fresh thyme + a tomato + garlic + sea salt + fresh crushed black pepper + lots of Spanish olive oil x food processor = Mediterranean chickpea puree + grilled Trader Joe's Tuscan Pane + heirloom tomatoes = easy handheld vegan lunch.

Alexia House Cut fries + oven = cooked + smoked paprika + smoked sea salt + splash of apple cider vinegar = the taste of bacon minus the piggies

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  1. I can get down with all this math. Especially that peach cobbler ice cream sandwich!!! Brilliant.
    Gorgeous green tomato too.


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