Easy Labeling for Cookouts (& Mediterranean Quinoa Pilaf!)

Late, as usual, I photographed the labeled bowl on my lap as we drove to the playground.
Ever find yourself at a omnivore community picnic or cookout and you have no idea what's what or if you can eat a dish (you know, it looks veg, then you realize that there is bacon in that potato salad)? Ever year, my son's school hosts a community picnic, and every year, I'm left with eating my dish and cut fruit. Not a big deal, but this year, I knew there were several new vegan/vegetarian families at the school, so I wanted to make sure they knew that my dish was meat-free and that the sign would stay on the dish.

I simply took a clothespin and pinched it on the bowl and attached the sign in between the end of the pin. Depending on how tight the "pinch" is, you may need to add a bit of tape on the back of your sign. It stayed on through the whole party, unlike the the paper tent labels I have made in the past which always ended up getting buried under another dish or being blown across the playground.

The quinoa pilaf had: fresh herbs from our garden, local asparagus,yellow and green squash, sun-dried tomatoes, fire-roasted red peppers, fresh tomatoes and really high-quality Spanish olive oil.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

    What kind of camera do you have?
    The images are AWESOME.
    The food must be delish.


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