Vintage Cookbooks: Home Preserving & Bottling

Home Preserving & Bottling by Gladys Mann (published in 1970) is an awesome reference for all you hipster homesteaders. From jams and chutnies to pickles and beer. There really is something for everyone in this ultimate compendium of preservation.

Thank goodness the menfolk can appreciate all the ladies' hard work!

Something to do with rhubarb other than pair it with strawberries. There are lots of very interesting combos like this one in the book.

Great creepy 70s food photography!

Apple and Red Pepper Chutney! Intriguing! Recipes are given in both US, Imperial, and metric measurements.

Pickled cabbage! Chow chow! Pickled onions (yuck!).

Jams and booze. Booze and jam. And parfaits? A little something for everyone.

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  1. how fun! i love looking at old cookbooks! :D


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