Peace & Love Cards: Kids Letterpressing for a Good Cause!

Help support Lila fund her school's reading program by buying this card she letterpressed herself!
My sweet daughter has always been the type to want to help out. One year for Halloween, we collected for Unicef as we visited our neighbors' houses. When we got home, we tallied up how much she raised, and when asked if she would like to contribute to her total, she went and grabbed the Halloween card with "treat money" she received from her grandparents. She took all the money out the card, handed it over to me, and said, "Mommy, I want to give it all. It's sad that some children have nothing at all and I don't need anything. I want them to have it all!" Of course, this brought tears to my eyes. She's so naturally inclined to give.

We had a letterpress workshop lined up for her at Lead Graffiti in Delaware (led by the wonderful owners Ray and Jill) in the same week that a letter came home from her school that they were raising money for a new reading program for the students. We were brainstorming over what her card would look like and say, and I asked her if there was one word that she would like to set. Her response was, "Peace!" I asked what she would like to do with the cards she made and she didn't know, so I suggested that maybe we could sell them as a way to raise funds for her school. She really liked that idea and was very excited that she could do something to benefit her community.

The day came for the letterpress workshop, and when we presented our gracious teacher, Ray, with the idea to make this not only a learning experience, but also a giving one, he enthusiastically gave us a big "Yes!" He donated all the materials to our good cause and we are extremely grateful for his contribution.

Now, Ray is not the type of instructor to just let you watch as he does everything. Even though Lila is only seven, he had her right in the thick of things! She picked out the metal and wood type she wanted to use, she chose the colors (pink and purple, of course!), she assisted him with figuring out what size leading and furniture (the large blocks which hold the type in place) they needed (great math lesson!),  she helped Jill with the ink drawdowns, she tightened the chase, she cut her own paper, she put the ink on the press, and she even got the press running! She really did it all! Her favorite part though was...

...actually running the press. We were all so impressed with her focus and desire to print! It was pretty adorable to see this little petite girl operating this gigantic 50+-year-old press all by herself.

She's so small that she needed a little platform to get her up to the right height!

After she pulled her first card with the first color and image (an owl to match her school mascot), she was hooked. Look how excited she was!

When it was time for the second color, and the "PEACE" text, my husband and I helped her by loading paper and we took a few runs at operating the press ourselves. I can see why she liked it so much; it is a very releaxing and meditative process.

The end result! Lila with her awesome teachers! Thanks Ray and Jill!

Now, here's where you come in:

You can place an order for Lila's "Love & Peace" cards via my Etsy shop: A set of four with envelopes is only $10 and one is $3. All proceeds to benefit her school's reading program.

You can give them as gifts. Save them for Christmas! Write to your long-lost 5th grade pen pal on them. Buy them and get kids reading! Lila will be so happy that you did! All profits will go towards reading programs at her school (the back of the card states that they were printed by her to raise funds for her school!). Thanks so much for your help!

And please check out Ray and Jill's letterpress shop. They often conduct workshops, so you can learn to letterpress just like Lila!

Lead Graffiti 
120A Sandy Drive 
Newark, Delaware 19713

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