Messin' Around with Beyond Meat

I'm always down for trying new vegetarian products, so when I saw that my local Wholefoods was selling Beyond Meat, I had to bring it home!

At first sight, Beyond Meat looked and felt eerily like prepared chicken strips. So much so that it grossed me out, to be honest. The first bite, however, assured me that it was, in fact, soy. It has a very dense texture and a very grassy taste. You can eat them straight out of the package or cook them like you would tofu or wherever you need to substitute chicken in a recipe. I personally like the flavored varieties over the plain one.

My first attempt at using the strips was for a veggie chicken cheesesteak loaded with tons of barbecue sauce. It was really good! They didn't fry as hard as I wanted them to, and I think they would have been better cut into even smaller  and more uneven bits. You know how come veggie chicken can get really stringy (like meat, probably from the gluten strands), these protein chunks don't. I attribute that to their lack of gluten.

With the rest of the package (one package will last you!) we made several fajitas and then finally finished it off with the yummy asparagus tacos. I fried the Beyond Meat in cumin and taco seasonings, added the spears and some corn. They were so incredibly good.

Beyond Meat chicken strips are a great way for transitional vegetarians to work their way off meat or for those experienced veggies who need to stay away from gluten. I personally think seitan has more flavor, but I know it can be really hard to digest for lots of people. One good thing about Beyond Meat,  is that it, like tofu, easily takes on whatever flavoring you give it, so it is extremely versatile.


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