2 Bored Kids + 3 Ripe Bananas + Elbow Grease = Banana Bread

They look so cute when they cooperate!
What do you do when you have bored kids and three black bananas? You put those darlings to work and have them make banana bread! I used Post Punk Kitchen's recipe which, by far, makes the best vegan banana bread this side of the universe.

My daughter painted this plate when she was about 5. I love it!

The kids made this all by hand, smashing and mixing it all with a potato masher! And I tell you what, it was way more dense, more moist, and way more spongey than when I mix it up in my Kitchenaid. Maybe it is true, those dang gluten strands don't like to whisked too much. I think I will be making this recipe in that same manner from now on. It probably also helped that we dumped about the equivalent of one bag of chocolate chips into the batter (a combination of the half-dozen almost empty bags of various types of chocolate stashed in our baking cabinet). In any case, good job kids!

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  1. mmmmm... now I'm in the mood for banana bread!


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