Summery Picnics, Pyrex, Potato Salad, Party Balls, and Pastries

Ready for the warm weather and the parties that will ensue? Well, I just listed several items in the Scissors & Spice Etsy shop to help you out with your quest for fun and sun. Picnic things like the Hoot Mon metal picnic basket, Skotch Kooler cooler & Ingrid Chicago party ball will get you in the part-tay mood. Or, serve your famous Veganaise potato salad in any of these Pyrex bowls along with your equally famous strawberry shortcake cupcakes on a lovely (and unbreakable!) dessert stand at your next backyard barbecue. Keep your eyes peeled for some more fun summery items and gifts for moms and dads (yep, Mother's and Father's Day are coming up too!).

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  1. Oooh, I have that last set!! But mine only has 3. I guess I'm missing the biggest bowl. :-( I think my mama found them in an antique shop.


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