Fun Finds: Pyrex Nesting Bowls, Vera Neumann, Dansk, Cathrineholm

Lots of fun finds this past week! I just toured my storage facility (read "garage") to pull items I will be photographing for the shop in the next few days. This well-loved Cathrineholm lotus bowl will be listed soon and at a great price!

I have been looking for this yellow Pyrex bowl forever! It will now complete a set of primary colored nesting bowls. Yay!

Found a whole set of four of this Butterprint (Amish) Pyrex pattern.

I love pie plates with recipes on them. I normally just photograph them and move on, but this elephant stole my heart.

Red Dansk enameled pan.

Awesome vintage faux cross stitch sampler fabric/bedspread.

Vera Neumann scarf.

Set of four Pyrex Cinderella avocado nesting bowls.

Amish/Pennsylvania Dutch fabric. How cute!

A complete set of Pyrex primary color nesting bowls--just like Grandma used to have--in perfect shape. This was an awesome find!

Keep checking back to the Scissors and Spice shop to see when everything is listed (plus more!) in the next few weeks. Or if you are in a hurry to buy, you could always email me before I list to purchase. Email: lynn ((at)) scissorsandspice ((dot)) com!


  1. Do you still have that vintage cross stitch fabric, or do you happen to have a picture of it laid out? It looks almost just like my bedroom curtain fabric I had as a child!!!

    1. Hi DJ-- I sold it, but you can see pictures of it here:


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