Easy (& Fun!) Vegan Meals for Kids

...all on an Orla Kiely (one of my favorite pattern designers!) plate from Target!

We like to do "snack meals" every now and then 'round these parts. Since the weather is warming up, we spent most of the after school daylight on the playground and when I got home, I didn't want to fire anything up. It was too hot! So, I pulled together one of my famous snack meals for the kids. They love the variety and being able to eat with their hands.

We had a hummus trio tasting party with veggies and mini pitas, cut-up Smart Dogs, kalamata olives and grapes for dessert. Fun and simple (and, yes, healthy!)!


  1. Yum!! I love the Orla Kiely-designed Method bottles that Target sells. Have you tried the Tomato Vine handsoap? OMG!

  2. how fun! i love "snack inspired" meals:) especially during the summer!

  3. I wish target in Australia has these plates - I have a cup with this design and I just love it - would make any snacks taste better! - love those mini pitas - did you make them or buy them


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