This Weekend: Vegan Buffets, Farmland, Kale, Puzzles, & Spring Snow

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty weird. We actually had two weird weekends in a row, and now we're ready for some better vibes to descend upon us. Good things happened despite this bizzaro world we feel like we have entered. Here are a few snapshots of this weekends' better moments.

This dish didn't happen this weekend, but noteworthy nonetheless. A lunchtime meeting with a good friend at Su Tao Vegan Cafe in Malvern, PA mid-week. One of my favorite places. It's comforting buffet-tyle vegan Asian food. Nothing fancy, but it always does you right.

We passed this vintage sign on Route 13 in Delaware on the way to a friend's new place that he just bought. You probably wouldn't want to stay at that motel, but the sign is cool.

His new house is in farm land territory. It's amazing that there are still so many open spaces, yet people pay out the wah-zoo to live on top of one another in New York City.

After a not-so-great encounter with a not-so-nice person, we decided we needed nourishment so I had my usual gigantic salad with roasted veggies from Whole Foods. I ate about 1/4 of that salad. Eyes bigger than my stomach, for sure.

I found this beauty at a local flea market. She reminds me of mix of 1960's church stained glass window and a Vitra/Girard doll my husband gave me on my first Mother's Day as a mom.

Lunch on Sunday. Sauteed kale and broccoli rabe. So good.

Good old-fashioned quality family time. Gets you back to center.

Woke up on Monday morning to see this. A spring snow storm. It barely even snowed this winter. Temps so mild. Barely felt like winter. The first day of spring comes and the temps plummet. And plummet. It finally snows! See, bizzaro world. I think this is a good sign to stay home, cuddle with the kids, and make soup.


  1. This weather has been so crazy! It hasn't snowed here, but it's been sooooo cold. And I'm normally in tank tops by now.

  2. The weather HAS been insane! That groundhog didn't know what he was talking about. I love the shot of the land by yr friend's place because, well, I pay up the wazoo to live on top of people. It's nice to be reminded that there's something else out there.
    I also really love that thrift store Madonna! I have a small collection of religious icons, and the stained glass love of this one is beautiful.
    The Asian buffet meal and yr WF takeout both look extremely satisfying.


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