The Early Bird Gets the Worm (or Not!)

I never get up before the sun rises. My Ayurvedic doctor says I should for my health. I. Just. Can't. I'm so not a morning person and I never have been. My son even has a pretty good impression of my eyes-half-closed puffy morning face. I am at my best at night: alert, creative, and awake!

In any case, there have been some large community garage sales over the past few days that have had me up with the rising sun and man, these mornings have been supremely beautiful! The dawn skies are painted with the warmest hues and the little pops of concentrated sunlight grace the living room's still-dark walls like fleeting moments of geometrical and magical artwork. Too bad I haven't found anything worthwhile for the shop, but these rare sites help make it worth losing a few hours of precious sleep.

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