Texas is the Reason for Awesome Vegan Buffalo Wings

Looking through some photos on my phone, I realized I forgot to post about these AWESOME buffalo wings at The Abbaye in Philadelphia. We were headed to a Texas is the Reason show at The Union Transfer and had just seen an article about all the vegan/vegetarian cheesesteaks on philly.com. We had had already tried most of them, but had never been to The Abbaye (which is just down the street from Union Trasnfer) so we just had to check it out.

They make their own seitan, and they really know what they are doing, because these wings were so tender and so good. The sauce was hot without being overly crazy spicy.  There was a vegan option of using Veganaise as a dip instead of ranch. Now, If they could get these bad boys in some sort of vegan sandwich, it would be heaven on earth in a bun.

Now for the reason we originally went, the cheesesteak. It was really tasty, but it wasn't quite a traditional cheesesteak. I think it tasted more like a lamb kabob sandwich. Mr. Scissors agreed. He got the vegetarian meatball (a special). The meatballs seemed like they were made from mostly grains and I appreciated that they just didn't use some off-the-shelf frozen tofu balls. Their thin fries are the best!

All the staff at The Abbaye were really nice and super efficient; as a former waitress I appreciate good service.

The Texas is the Reason show was a dream. So fun to reminisce. And The Union Transfer is such a great venue too boot.

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