I Do Not like Green Eggs and Ham

I do like green tofu and veggie ham, Sam I Am!

Green tofu and veggie ham! My daughter's class has been celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday this week and today's festivities includes eating green eggs and ham. Since that is a no-go for us, I made her an equivalent substitute so she could partake with her classmates.

People often as me if it is hard raising a veggie kid and my answer is always, "No." It just requires a rare additional bit of cooking like this. My daughter is very proud of being a vegetarian and find the thought of killing animals to eat “really sad.” She is not resentful of our choices, but rather wears them with pride. I do know, however, how important it is for kids to feel included in the group of their peers so I try my best to always make this sort of accommodation for her.

Anytime I prepare tofu, I always press it first to drain out any water. Tofu fries, bakes, and takes marinades so much better when it is dry. My handy dandy TofuXpress makes this process quick and easy.

I didn't use my usual recipe for making the scrambled tofu, instead, I just added a bit of salt, pepper, and spices that my daughter would like. The usual turmeric was left out so that when the green dye was added, it wouldn't look as nauseating. The green dye was pretty icky on its lonesome!

Tip: I don't crumble up the tofu before adding it to the pan, I just use a potato masher. I love the way it crumbles the tofu into even, but uneven, pieces.


  1. How old is your daughter? I'm thirteen and became a veggie on my own! :)

    1. That's great! I sort of did the same thing, but kids kept making fun of me, eventually went back to eating meat, and then became a vegetarian again when I was about 19 and have been for many, many years. I also keep meeting parents who have children that just spontaneously decided they wanted to be a vegetarian!

      My daughter is 7!


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