Daily Chow: Corned Tofu & Cabbage & BBQ Tofu w/ Mashed Cauliflower

I have been eating lowish-carb over the past week. As a lacto-vegetarian it is nearly impossible to eat low or no carb, but I have been doing my best. No grains, no sweet fruits, no starches, no beans, no sugar. I feel great! I've been eating tons of veggies, salads, and snacking on nuts and celery.

Above is a pic of a super simple vegan dinner: sauteed asparagus, bok choy, and kale cooked with ginger, olive and sesame oils, hot pepper, pinch of Chinese 5 spice, and tamari. So good!

I've been sprinkling this super mix on everything: Ground sesame seeds, flax, pepitas, chia, sunflower seeds, raw cacao powder, and cinnamon. Great on everything from unsweetened yogurt to salads. Loaded with omega fatty acids, minerals and magnesium.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I made corned tofu and steamed cabbage. I marinated 1/4" thick slices of the tofu in red wine vinegar, tamari, sage, thyme, olive oil and sea salt and then fried it. I have no idea if it tasted anything like corned beef, but it was freaking tasty. Probably my favorite dinner this week.

Thursday night, we had baked BBQ tofu, mashed baked cauliflower (so gooood!), and stewed greens (a mix of kale, mustard and spinach greens--all chopped finely--and sauteed in coconut oil, thyme, turmeric, smoked paprika, TJ's 21 seasoning salute, sea salt, black pepper, red pepper and Bragg's).

I baked the tofu (seen here sprinkled in smoked paprika, cumin and sea salt) before simmering it in the BBQ sauce. Gives it a nice chewy, and dare I say, meaty texture. I took a cooking class once with Christina Pirello  and she said she likes to cut her tofu thinly and in uneven pieces to make it seem more, again, meaty. It really works! Cubes and triangles of tofu are so old school!

Baking the cauliflower (at 425 for about 20-20 minutes) before mashing it gives it a nice smokey-sweet and more complex flavor than steaming. Plus, I could bake the tofu and cook the cauliflower at the same time! I love when the oven does the work for me.

Ahhh! A low-carb night cap. I used my milk frother to steam me up some almond milk, mixed with raw cacao powder, vanilla, cinnamon, and stevia. It was really satisfying for my deprived sweet tooth.

And not to bore you with this sugar-less post: I came up with a new recipe for a meyer lemon-blueberry-pecan cookie for my children's teachers last week. I made sure to package them all up before I ate them all, so I didn't get a picture of the final product. I will, however, make them again and post the recipe. The flavor combo got rave reviews!


  1. Everything sounds great. I love the tofu technique; gotta try that some time. Also - very intrigued by the power powder. Did you make it yrself, or buy it?

    1. I did make it myself in my handy dandy coffee grinder! No real measurements--just about 1/2 TB of each and a dash of cinnamon.

  2. I just found your blog and will be following! Can't wait to see the cookie recipe!


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