Vintage Cookbooks: Baker's Animal Cut-Up Cakes, 1959

Every Easter, my sisters and I would make an Easter bunny cake that we would make by cutting two cake rounds. One round would be shaped as ears, and the negative space in between the ears would become the bunny's bow tie. We decorated him with coconut flakes, gum drops and licorice.

When I saw this cookbook, I just had to pick it up for nostalgia's sake. My kids have been studying it for the past few weeks and they think it is the most magical of books in the world.

The cookbook includes animal shapes like a butterfly, a bunny, a dog, a tortoise, a swan, a lion, a duck, a fish, and a giraffe, and other clever ideas like the "Cut-Up Kids," and helpful cut-up cake hints. The illustrations, lettering, and illustrations are to die for!

Now available in the Scissors and Spice Etsy shop here! Makes a great gift for a baker friend or one of those designers that likes to hoard "inspiration."

"Baker's Coconut Animal Cut-Up Cakes," published by General Food Kitchens, 1959.


  1. OMG! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

  2. my mom use to make these for me when I was lil.& a doll dress cake.


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