Easy Valentine's Day Beaded Card Ornament Craft Tutorial

My son REALLY wanted to make beaded snowflake ornaments this morning, but I thought we could do a Valentine's craft together instead. I had so many pipe cleaners and red and pink beads left over from our Christmas craft, so I had the brilliant idea to make beaded pipe cleaner heart ornaments instead! It's an easy and fun craft for kids and for those that are a little craft-challenged.

Each heart only takes a few minutes to make, so you could whip up a bunch and attach a little tag to it that reads something clever like "Valentine, you'd beadazaling!" and you've got a cute and unique Valentine card for your children to hand out at school. Just place each in an envelope so they don't get banged up and twisted on the way to the party! Or, you could string a few together for a cute window or door decoration. Make a smaller one and hang it on the end of a necklace. the possibilities are endless.

Below is a quick tutorial on how to make your own Valentine's gifts, cards or decorations. If you make some, please send me a picture of what you come up with! XO! Happy Valentine's Day!

Easy Valentine's Day Beaded Card Ornament Craft Tutorial

  1. Red and pink beads
  2. Pipe cleaners
  3. Ribbon or heavy duty string
Step One:
Bend pipe cleaners in half into a "V" shape.

Step Two:
Slide beads on! Tip: Have kids work on a rimmed tray to prevent beads from rolling everywhere.

Step Three:
Leave about three or four beads length of the pipe cleaner ends uncovered.

Step Four:
Shape pipe cleaner like a heart and twist ends to secure shape and beads. (Leave a smidgen of wiggle room in the beads; if they are too tight, the heart is hard to shape.)

Step Five:
Take the twisted ends and wrap around the center of your heart. This will ensure that the beads don't fall off an unraveled pipe cleaner.

Step Six:
Tie a loop in about 12-16" of string.

Step Seven:
Place heart on top of loop and bring the tied end through the bottom of the loop. Center the tie on the top of the heart so it hangs properly. And you're done!

You could now tie Valentine-themed tags to it, or you could even slide the tag on before you tie the knot, and place in pre-addressed envelopes. Or, to make the Valentine garland, just keep tying hearts to hearts with the same length of thread between each. Careful though, the weight of the heart below it may cause the hearts to get lose their shape.

So proud! This heart is being gifted to his big sister. So sweet!

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