Design Inspiration: Tegan & Sara at The Beacon, NYC

Set design by Tobias Rylander.

A long story longer: My friend Kara and I finally, finally, finally saw one of our favorite bands, Tegan and Sara (and yes, I will acknowdge you, Mr. Scissors, for getting me into them despite my unfavorable first listenings). It's been a long arduous journey to see them live. 

The first time we wanted to see them in Philly a few years ago, Kara was about, oh, 300 months pregnant and being outside in the crazy humid heat of the summer at a show just wasn't a smart idea. 

Fast forward to the end of 2012, we had tickets to see them in New Jersey with the Killers. Someone in the Killers got sick, so that show got cancelled. A few days after that, a Tegan and Sara headlining show was announced and was set to take place in New York at The Beacon Theater. Kara jumped right on the tickets and scored awesome seats (hello 3rd row!). A few days before the show, however, I came down with the flu. There was no way I was going to be able to go and still be able to keep body and soul together. Well, as fate had it, Sara was pretty sick too and the two Beacon shows were cancelled and then later rescheduled for the end of February. 

Fast forward again... I get sick, have to go to the hospital THE DAY BEFORE THE RESCHEDULED SHOW (turns out nothing serious, no worries)! AND Kara GETS SICK on top of all that madness. It just seemed like we were destined to not see them. We joked that we had been inflicted with "The Tegan and Sara Curse." Miraculously, we all managed to pull it together, the stars aligned and we finally saw Tegan and Sara and their band perform an awesome set. Ahhh... finally. Well worth the wait. The opening band, Diana, was pretty spectacular to boot.

In any case, after I looked at a few of the photos I took at the show, I was awed by vibrance of the stage lighting, the set/projections and how my camera captured the whole scene. Beautiful colors and shapes. I'm totally inspired to create another round of collages based on these photos. The red, orange, and pink photo was totally not photoshopped. No levels boosted, nothing!  Isn't that cool? That one needs to be turned into painting. 

Now that you've finished reading that crazy rambling story, go buy their new album, Heartthrob!

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