This Weekend: NYC, Friends, Soy & Sake, Kids' Museum, Cafe Blossom

This past weekend, our dear friends from Finland, Kaisa and Cristoffer, were in in New York City, so we came up to the city to spend time with them. My husband and I always have the best intentions to be on time, but leaving the house with two young kids for an overnight always messes us up, and we undoubtedly end up late. (This time, it was two hours late!) A 1 o'clock lunch, ended up being a 3 o'clock early dinner!

Despite, our tardiness, our leisurely gathering at Soy and Sake in the West Village was fun and relaxing and filled with crayon illustrations and lettering on the paper covering over the tablecloths. The restaurant is casual, so it is a great place to bring kids.

After our lunch/dinner, we headed up to our next destination, The High Line, but we were too late (a theme, you see!).  The attendant was pulling down the gate just as we got there. Oh well, there was plenty of shopping to do as we made our way over to the Doughnut Plant in Chelsea and a kirtana program at Yoga Maya.

The yoga studio is pretty close to a vegan sandwich shop/juice bar, Terri, so we picked up a late dinner and I grabbed a juice for the next morning to make up for all of Saturday's indulgences!

On Sunday, I woke up in our Jersey City hotel with no voice (I've been sick with a vague cold/flu type virus for the past week) and pretty tired from the constant stream of ambulance/police sirens zooming past starting at 5:00 am, so I was ready to go home. I felt bad about not wanting to do anything, so conceded to taking the kids to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. I've been wanting to take them there forever, but haven't been able to since when we're in NYC, we are in the lower part of Manhattan, and my husband (the one who can navigate the subway system) is usually teaching design workshops during the day (one reason we are often in New York!).

We loved the museum! It's a great place for kids 12 months to about 5-6 years. It was little toddler-ish for my almost 7-year-old, but great for my 4-year-old. Our favorite part was the huge Lite Brite set up in the art room. The whole family had fun with that installation!

When we left the museum, our son was acting really whiny, so we knew, he was either tired or getting sick, but my daughter was really hungry. I did a search on my phone for "vegan restaurants" nearby and it turned out we were only a few blocks from Cafe Blossom Upper West Side.

I was pretty excited because we love the original Blossom, but we can never bring the kids there because it is way, way too fancy and "cozy" for children (it, however does set the scene for a romantic vegan date night!). Cafe Blossom, on the other hand, is way more laid back and spacious. There were lots of families having brunch so we felt comfortable bringing the kids.

As soon as we sat down, my son fell asleep on me like a big, feverish, sack of potatoes. We ordered the black eyed pea cakes, tofu benedict, a seitan sandwich, and, for my daughter,  chocolate chip pancakes. We enjoyed everything and the service was friendly and attentive. It is a perfect place for the whole family, so we will certainly be going back.

After brunch, we headed back to our car parked in New Jersey all while holding a hot, tired (and heavy!) little boy who slept the whole way home. He's doing much better today, thank goodness! Now back to normal weekday life and light eating!


  1. Sounds fun and I'm glad yr son is feeling better. Despite living in the city, I haven't been to any of the eateries you mentioned! Soy & Sake has a great reputation, though.
    Love the shot of the light brite!

  2. I love Blossom Cafe! It has been too long since we went. Their cakes are good too!


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