Crochet Graffiti: Yarn Bombing & Craft as Protest

L'UNIVERS en ganchillo #gràcia #RotulistasAnonimo via Laura Meseguer's Instagram

Our friend Laura posted this picture on Facebook awhile ago and I fell in love with this example of delicate yarn bombing (most of the time you see knitting graffiti and not the crocheted variety)!

The tree is located in Carrer Verdi, Barcelona and is a protest by parents and grandparents on behalf of their children. The students in this neighborhood have been in temporary barrack-style buildings for the past four years with no hopes that they will be moving into more permanent facilities. So, to literally air their grievances, the families banded together and wrapped trees in bright yellow yarn. What a brilliant way to bring attention to their plight!

To see more pictures and to read more about it, check out this link: To translate it, copy that url and pop into Google search and hit "translate this page."

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