Around the House: Unhung Artwork

My husband and I love collecting art, but we're so bad about putting it up! I just discovered a pile of prints (yikes--we even have more that are not pictured here!) that are just waiting patiently for us to get our act together. Take a look!

A lovely Seonna Hong A/P print given to me by her when I worked at House Industries. It was in my daughter's room, but we lost some wall space. When I redo her room (soon!) it will go back up.

Folkdance print by Roddy & Ginger. Will probably go in my daughter's room as well.

A pretty vintage Japanese print I bought at Goodwill. Totally forgot I had this, will probably go in my bedroom.

A painting I did for my husband before our kids were born. This was in our hallway for the longest time. I'll probably hang in our bedroom.

A Paul Klee print bought at a used bookstore in New Bedford, MA for $3. It's not framed, so who knows if we will ever hang it.

I had an idea to collect lots of "Bless this House" type cross stitch and hang them all together. If not, these will go in the shop.

Paint by number? Holland? In any case, this will probably go in my son's room, but I would kind of like it in my room!

I bought this at Art Star and I believe it is by Jen Corace. I really want the "Too Soon" print by her, but I think we really need to hang the art we have first!

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