10 Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Do less dumb stuff like taking pictures of myself with my husband's iPad. :)

1) Make time to be creative. 
I was constantly painting, making collages, and journalling until I graduated from college. Then I stopped. I recently started collaging again, and I love it. I want to explore more painting and crafts in the new year.

2) Blog less.
I've already started calming down. I know this blog really has no set category, and I never intended it have one, but somewhere after doing Vegan Mofo, I got really heavily into recipes, and I want to get slightly away from that. More me. More designy topics, more craft tutorials; just on a slower editorial schedule. Once or twice a week or whatever makes me happy.

3) Chill on the shop.
The Scissors and Spice Etsy shop in now one year old! I reached several goals through the shop, this is true. I paid off my last student loan. I surpassed 200 sales. However, it takes a ton of time to buy, photograph, list, and ship each item. It was/is taking up way, way too much of space in my life. Like every available minute and it was starting to cut into my time with my children. Too much stress for too little. So, I'm only going to put things up that I am absolutely in love with. Speaking of which, I'm going to be focusing on more high-end mid-century pieces and less kitsch.

4) Take care of myself.
This includes many things. Cooking more nourishing food. Meditating. Getting back into yoga. Less stress inducing people/places/things. Exercising more consistently. Going to bed earlier (seriously, I can't keep going to bed at 1 am every night!). Growing my own food (for 3 years I have been meaning to start a garden!).

5) Focus less on the little things.
Yes, I get hung up on details and things I just shouldn't be concerned with.

6) Make more quality time for my kids.
Read #4 and #10.

7) Shop/hoard less.
Consumerism. Ugg. Too much crap in my house. Ugg. Let go, let go!

8) Get rid of/donate stuff
That sweatshirt that I loved in college? Yeah, get rid of it. Those Vans that no longer fit me but are oh so cute. Get thee to the Goodwill!

9) Work on the house.
We have a ton of work to do in our house. Our bathroom needs to be redone. We need landscaping. I want to redo some rooms.

10) Spend less time on the freaking computer.
And with that... I will publish this post and close my laptop. :)

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