Vote with Your Kids!

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that today is election day in the USA. I brought my kids with me and we had great discussion about in what country we live (with my 3-year-old) and about different governmental positions and for whom we were voting (with my 6-year-old). My father, from a very early age, taught me to be politically aware, and I hope to do the same with my children. Instead of leaving them with their grandparents or voting while they are in school, bring them with you for a very important social studies lesson! Now go vote! :)


  1. You have to press a button to vote in the US!? Exciting! We have to fill in a paper slip over here in the UK...not so fun :) I'll be watching the results through the night here!

    1. Each city, county, state, etc. is different! Some still vote on paper! :)


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