Scissors Craft: Pinecone Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Our pinecone booty!

So, my kids had off Veteran's Day. I got an early start to the day, packaged up Etsy orders, made my list of errands, got the kids dressed, and headed out the door. Went to start the car... the battery was dead. URG! They left their overhead light on and it drained the life out of the car. Great... I was dead set on getting a coffee, so since it was a beautiful day, I locked the front door and told the kids to get walking. We were going to make the mile trek to Starbucks! Now, a mile is not that far, but when you live in the suburbs with no sidewalks, it makes things interesting, specially with a 3-year-old in tow.

In any case, it was actually a really nice walk and we came across a bounty of pinecones along the way. We "harvested" them to use in crafts. I'm still trying to decide what to do with them. Maybe a wreath for the front door? A golden centerpiece? A pinecone tree? Ornaments? I collected a bunch of ideas and thought I would list them here for those or you that have a bunch of pinecones you don't know what to do with. I'll let you know the final outcome after Thanksgiving! Oooh! suspense!

-To get started, run through these collections of ideas on how to use pinecones in your holiday decor:

Love the peanut butter/seed ideas (great to do with the kids!) and the glitter ceiling hanger on this blog: 

And of course, Martha always has tons of ideas. My favorite is the window swag.

-Tutorials on how to prepare the pinecones once you bring them home.

This lovely window display of pinecones comes from South Moon Under in Rehoboth Beach, DE. I like how there is a poppy element of color contrasted by the natural texture of the pinecones and twine. I might use this idea and do an acrylic paint dipped pinecone wreath.

-A tutorial on how to dip your pinecones in acrylic paint:

Happy crafting! I'll post pictures once I've decided how we are going to use our harvest!

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