Hello, New York!

I'm back after spending a few days in New York. Well, actually Jersey City, NJ. It's actually much cheaper to stay across the river and take the short train ride into the city (the Newport Path train puts you right into the center of the city!). The hotel rooms are bigger and more affordable (great for when you are staying with your family), you don't have to pay tolls to enter the city, deal with crazy traffic, parking is free or at a much lower cost, and best of all, you get to wake up to views like this: the lower half of Manhattan and the Hudson River!

We didn't really hit up any veg restaurant super stars, just our usuals, like Soy and Sake (great for the kids!). And if you follow me on Instagram (scissorsandspice), you may have went on a little tour of Soho with me late Monday morning. We had a great time, but now, it's time to hunker down and get the shop stocked for the holidays. I'll try to do some really great updates this week even with the wonderfully hectic Thanksgiving cook-a-thon already upon us. Think we're going to play it low-key this year and enjoy our family's dinner and then the next day, enjoy a vegan Thanksgiving at Su Tao in Malvern, PA. What are you doing for Tofurkey Day?

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