Vegan Vietnamese Num Nums from Lan Cafe, New York City

A well cared for altar anchors the cafe
The ham salad (this was delicious, a new favorite!)

Crispy Spring Rolls

BBQ Seitan

Seitan Bahn Mi

Lemongrass seitan udon bowl (The #26!)

We've luckily been up to New York twice this month (the best month to visit NYC!) since my husband was teaching weekend workshops at Cooper Union. I tried to eat light-ish during the day) knowing that we would have indulgent dinners (thank goodness for bodegas everywhere offering freshly made juices!).

On his last day of teaching, we were able to dine at my favorite vegan hole in the wall, Lan Cafe. I've reviewed them before, but I thought I'd give you some new food eye-candy to drool over. If you live in the city or are visiting, make sure you check them out. They have funky hours, so make sure you call to confirm they are open.


  1. I want to go to there. Nom nom nom

  2. I've still never made it to Lan Cafe, I need to go there and eat some of that seitan next time I'm in NYC.


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