Denmark is One of the Happiest Places on Earth!

Dansk Jens Quistgaard Large Teak Tray

Rectangular Teak Tray

Round Teak Tray

Kalmar Designs Teak Chip and Dip or Candleholder 
Danish Teak Cat

Did you know that when scientifically ranked, Denmark is reported to be one of the happiest places on earth? It's true. We watched the documentary "Happy" yesterday and they did a segment on the country. Besides always being cared for (free schooling, free health care) it is common to live in communal housing where lots of families will live in a larger house or building in their own private space, but share common duties like farming or cooking. But, I think one of the biggest reasons is because they have the best design in the world!

I've been slowly listing items in the Scissors and Spice Etsy shop before the holiday season shopping rush, and recently added a bunch of Danish mid-century modern teak trays and animals. Here's a small selection of current listings. Please stop by and share the items with your friends! Pin 'em, Facebook 'em, Tweet 'em! Thanks! And happy looking!

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  1. Funny. I am part Danish and my hubby says I "brood" :). But yes, seems like a fab place to live and wonderful photos!


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