Autumn & Thanksgiving Decorating Inspiration from Terrain

One of my happy places is the oasis that is Terrain in Glen Mills, PA. One can stroll the grounds, browse thoughtfully curated store, and grab a coffee all in a densly-designed, well-manicured, Shangri La of a shopping experience.

On a recent trip to the store, I snapped some pictures of the exterior displays for inspiration in decorating for fall events. Though some of the installations are too large for the indoors, they can easily be scaled back for use in your house. For example the pumpkin tower could easily be created by adding a base of Spanish moss and miniature pumpkins to a tiered pastry stand. Smaller gourds could be strung on twine (using a sturdy doll or canvas needle) and hung from a mantel. Shelves filled with seasonal pottery and gourds could be the highlight of your living room. One reigning theme of these displays is consistent: go for impact! Grouping many of the same item will always look purposeful and stunning.


  1. Wow, this makes me want to be a country vegan instead of an Urban Vegan. You're near Philly?! Glad to have discovered you :)

  2. Nice! Maybe I'll make a mini pumpkin garland for the living room. :)

  3. What a beautiful shop, it seems to me a place where there are a lot of things to discover.
    Like a treasure hunt.
    Beautiful decorations with pumpkins, very suggestive.


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