That's A Beautiful Cake, Sister!

When I was in junior high and high school, I was absolutely inseparable from my best fried Lee and her sister, Julie. We slept over each other's houses, skateboarded together, rode our bikes everywhere, and even went vegetarian together. Then, when we went our separate ways due to atending colleges in different states, we stayed in touch via hand written letters (in a land before the internets!), and in current life, we still email every now and then. Now, through the magic of Facebook, I have been able to keep up more regularly with them. Turns out they also love to bake and have turned that passion into a business! 

Julie, Lee, and their friend Irene, opened up Three Sisters Artisan Bakery, a home bakery based in Mocksville, NC. They specialize in fresh home baked breads and desserts made from wholesome, all natural, quality ingredients. Though the bakery is not gluten-free or vegan, they happily accomadate special requests (like that lovely gluten-free and vegan mermaid cake above!). Check them out if you are in the Winston-Salem area!

Three Sisters Artisan Bakery
 433 N. Main St. Mocksville
North Carolina 27028

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