Reunion Cookies, Birthday Muffins, Paletas, Lovely Weather

The cooler weather means that baking is possible again! I made these chocolate chip cookies for a family reunion. I ended up being sick and not able to go, but Mr. Scissors said the cookies went really quickly despite there being tons of other cookies up for grabs. Take that, egg-cookies!

Here's the cute bird tray from Ikea they were served on. These have come in very handy since I bought them a year or so ago. I think they are still available in the stores.

I recieved an email from my daughter's teacher notifying me that they were having a birthday party at school where cupcakes would be served, so I should give my little one a non-egg substitute for her to eat. I was going to make her cupcakes, but she has declared that my muffins are her favorite, so I opted for a healthier option: banana muffins using the Post Punk Kitchen banana bread recipe. I sub in some whole wheat flour for a little added boost of nutrition. I froze the rest so that I will have some on hand for the next birthday party in her class. I learned this trick from Vegan Dad--baked goods freeze well!

On Sunday, we spent some quality time at the flea/farmer's market where we sampled some Mexican paletas (fresh made fruit pops which have large chunks of fruit in them; locally made in Wilmington, DE). I opted for the tamarindo while my husband tortured himself with the mango con chile.

I also scored lots of great stuff for the shop at the flea market; preview coming soon. There's been lots of photographing going on in my house. I can't wait to get the shop stocked again.

Are you digging this freaking gorgeous weather? It's so nice to be able to go outside and not feel like I'm being cooked and assaulted by the sun. There were these amazing cloud formations in the sky all day yesterday. It's so nice to feel the warm sun contrasted by cool breezes. I love the fall! Pumpkins and hot cocoa here we come!

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  1. Holy moly those paletas are gorgeous. I friend in NOLA used to sell some at the FarMar, and I miss them. Tamarindo is one of my most favorite beverages, but I never thought to freeze it for pops. Awesome idea.



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