New Beginnings

Right now, as I gather the photos for this post, the air coming through the windows is cool and there is a scent of burning wood. It's officially fall, and officially, my favorite time of the year!

The past week has been super busy photographing, editing and listing items, and mailing a ton of shipments for the Etsy shop. I had some really great pieces for sale that sold in less than 12 hours of being listed. I thought about saving all the listings as drafts and do a grand-reopening of the shop once it was fully stocked, but, hey, a sale is a sale, and as they say, time is money!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and purchased items from the shop. It's really a labor of love and I really appreciate your patronage.

Even though so many pieces have sold the past week, there are some great items still for sale like this set of vintage orange and yellow Pyrex Daisy nesting cinderella bowls.

On Saturday, we kicked off the autumnal equinox by taking part in an Indian festival in Philadelphia called Ratha Yatra. Three large, brightly colored chariots paraded down the Ben Franklin Parkway form city hall to the art museum. We had some yummy vegan Indian food and were able to watch my bff's super talented daughter dance at the festival site.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I can get back to baking! I made vegan chocolate chip cookies from The Joy of Vegan Baking (I added dried cherries and almonds) and donuts from Vegan Yum Yum for friends (I forgot to photograph those; very unlike me!). I didn't even taste one of the donuts, but one of the friends said, "Seriously, those were some f'in righteous donuts." I'll have to make a batch for the kids so I can try them for myself.

On Sunday morning, we did our fall weekend morning favorites: drank coffee, listened to jazz, read The New York Times, and played bocce ball. In The New York Times Magazine, there was an article by Mark Bittman about the the ancient food of Mexico. This recipe for polkanes (a fried corn fritter) was included and is now on my list of new foods to make.

We concluded the weekend with a stroll through lovely downtown Media, PA where I saw this candy shop sign. They have been in business for over 50 years! I love the wording, "own make candy." Overall, it was a pretty sweet weekend.

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  1. The Joy of Vegan Baking is my favorite cookbook to bake from! Love yr fall weekend morning plans :)


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