3x4, 6+6, 24÷2 at the Beach

This weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. I feel very blessed to be spending my life with such a hilarious, understanding, sensitive, rational, humble, intelligent and talented person who just happens to be devilishly handsome and an awesome father. Here's to many, many more years of wedded bliss!

Recently, we had been trying to squeeze out every last ounce of summer before the kids went back to school. Two weekends ago, we had an exciting ride on old timey steamie train on the Wilmington Western Railroad. The train stopped for a nice 30 minute picnic at a secluded spot on the White Clay Creek. Incredibly peaceful and the kids enjoyed their time throwing rocks into the stream.

For the extended Labor Day weekend and our anniversary, we headed down to the Delaware beaches. I love it down there--though only about 1.5 hours away, it feels like another world. People even have southern accents and there are tons of farms. I wish there were better options for vegetarians/vegans at restaurants, but I guess we have such great options at home. I just really dislike cooking on vacation!

 One of the best parts of the trip was night swimming in a warm pool under the huge blue moon.

 I visited a camp site that was like a living time capsule complete with a 1980s style arcade. Unfortunately, there were no cool T-shirts with their teepee logo for sale.

We also got to hit up some great book sales and thrift stores. I've discovered way more thrift stores down there that I will have to hit up next year since we ran out of time on this trip.

Labor Day weekend, so I had to sport the red, white, and blue. Ok, this was just a happy coincidence. I would never purposefully do that. I may be a mom, but I would like to think I have retained some of my punk rock coolness. Ok, maybe not. :)

And no trip to the shore would be complete without, well,  a trip to the beach and "romantic" (we were with the kids, so you know...) long anniversary walk on the beach.

One of our favorite parts of our beach trips, is that our awesome and generous hosts have one of the most mega-collection of movies! Our last night was spent watching"Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Classic coming of age story! Aloha, Mr. Hand!

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  1. Happy anniversary!! The getaway sounds like fun!!!


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