On Raising Veg Kids & Vegan Meal Ideas for Children

Both of my little ones said "Ooooooo!" when they saw their dinners.

I often get questions about wether it is difficult raising my kids vegetarian and my answer is always, "Nope!". I have been vegetarian since 1995 (and lacto-veg since 1996), so it feels like all I know and I don't find it hard at all! Both of my children (ages 3 and 6) are very aware of their veg-ness and don't feel like it is a hinderance in their lives. In fact, my six-year-old considers it a point of pride to be a little different. The only time it is really an issue is at birthday parties when I have to bring a cupcake for them. But, overall, I am quite happy that being veg means that my kids eat pretty healthy and they are exposed to lots of different kinds of foods. They are growing perfectly well, above average heights and at healthy weights. So, if you personally have any doubts about raising a child vegetarian, you need none; just arm yourself with info and everyone will be fine. I have countless numbers of friends raising their kids with the same type of diet and all of them are thriving, happy, and healthy as well.

I took this picture of a very simple meal I made them for dinner tonight: Cubed baked tofu from Trader Joe's (my son especially loves it!), basmati rice, raw carrot sticks and steamed broccoli. They had apple slices after dinner.  All organic. Cooking and prep took about 20 minutes. Even if I was not a vegetarian, I would chose this type of meal for them any day over chicken nuggets, french fries and soda! So much healthier!


  1. I know how you feel...I think people are actually quite disappointed that my girls aren't pale, thin waifs, when I say that they've been vegetarian all their lives!

  2. I love it! Also the TJ's tofu is so good! When I bring it to work to feed my daughter, the kids I nanny always ask for some instead of whatever meat they are having that day.


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