Juicing with My New Omega Juicer!

My New Omega J8005 Juicer!
A few weeks ago, I was using my juicer getting ready for a one day juice fast, and I noticed smoke coming out of the "juice shoot." It took a few minutes for me to realize my juicer was on fi-yah! I ran it outside, came back in, and accidentally knocked the juice collection container over and subsequently, all the precious kale juice poured all over my counter. If you've ever juiced greens, you know how tragic that is. I think I may have cried.

In any case, since I was juicer-less and so began my 2-week-long hemmin' and hawin' over which juicer (if I was even going to buy one, the other side of the debate). Do I save money and get a centrifugal juicer again or do I go for broke and buy a twin-gear machine? In the end, I decide to compromise with a masticating juicer. The juice produced from a masticating juicer retains it's nutrition at a cellular level (which it can lose in a centrifugal juicer) and is a faster and more economical than twin-gear.

Having previously used a centrifugal juicer before, I can say it was WAY faster and less time intensive because it could take most fruits and veggies whole, so no chopping. The masticating juicer does, however, produce more juice and therefore, the pulp is much drier.

The Omega model I decided on is commercial grade, so it can make nut butters, juice wheatgrass, whirl out pasta, and create frozen banana ice cream (yay!). Because the feed shoot is narrow, you do have to chop your produce fairly small. That is the biggest drag for me. I do, however, love that it comes with a filter to keep any foam from entering the final juice--something that my Breville did not have. So far I am happy with it, but I have only been using it for about 1 week.

In the end, if you are a casual juicer, just go with a much cheaper centrifugal juicer, but if you are juicing for cleansing or health, go with a masticating juicer.

Oh, and by the way, I am on day 4 of my own version of the Martha's Vineyard Detox. Lots of juicing going on here! I plan to end it tomorrow. So far, I feel great, but I am excited to finally chew food again!


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  2. how awesome! i love my juicer too:)


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