Color & Lights at Longwood Gardens

This weekend, we had a "cram it all in before the kids go back to school" sort of stay-at-home vacation. On Saturday evening, we headed to one of favorite pure-veg Indian buffets, Devi and then made our way over to Longwood Gardens to view the "Light Nights" installation by Bruce Munro. The displays (some of which winded through wooded areas) were simultaneously beautiful and eerie, reminding us of the movie Avatar. I had fun trying to capture the images with my new Nikon and the kids just had fun wandering around fields in the dark.


  1. I like the first photo the best. Looks like a different artist did that lighting installation.

  2. oh my gosh how COOL!!! what an awesome place:)

  3. I've been wanting to go to longwood at night everytime we go to Philly but we never have time! I hope to go before the light show ends. It looks so awesome


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