Say This with a Boston Accent

Part of being married to a typeface designer with an interest in sign painting means I always have my eye out for great signs. I was just going through my photos of out trip to Boston, and this sign made me laugh. I can't help but saying "pahk he-ah."


  1. Totally!!! "Heee-ahhh" haha I love it. my uncles have the same accent.

  2. Oh, the Boston accent. It's cringe-worthy and endearing all at the same time. haha

    My husband is also a designer (graphic, interactive) and illustrator, so I do the same thing when I'm walking around. :)

    1. My whole family except my sister and I have the MA accent (well, ours is closer to a Rhode Island than Boston). I don't know how that happened--we just don't have it!

  3. I am staahting to get used to it. ;) As a foreigner, I have a really hard time with accents. When we first got here I had to have D make all local phone calls.

  4. hahaha great post! my bro went to college in baaahsten:)


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