An Old-fashioned, Down-home Vegan BBQ

Right before we headed up north to see my family, we had a few close friends over for a vegan (and mostly gluten-free!) "barbecue." I put that in quotes because nothing was actually cooked out on a grill and we stayed inside (except the kids who played on a slip and slide) due to the crazy hot temps.

Even though the event was super casual, I still had to take advantage of these vintage mason jars I picked up at a flea market and use them to make an easy centerpiece. It's just who I am; I can't leave anything simple!

On the menu was: BBQ tofu (using Robbie's BBQ sauce and Trader Joe's extra-extra firm organic tofu), KFC style coleslaw (recipe here), a vegan and customized version of this classic potato salad recipe, smoked southern-style collard greens, a cucumber salad that our friend Pete brought, and for dessert, a vegan chocolate and cherry mousse parfait (OMG!). I think everyone was fully stuffed by the time they left our house!

Tip: Make as much as you can the night before. I made EVERYTHING the night before. There is nothing worse than having guests and being stuck in the kitchen the whole time. Plus, when I cook, I need solitude and a quite kitchen. I lack the ability to carry on a conversation and cook at the same time! Funny, because I am such a multi-tasker.

I also took advantage of some Pyrex and a lovely set of vintage dishes I have been hoarding to set the table. I can't believe I didn't have any nice cloth napkins out! Anyway, who wants to stain good linens with BBQ sauce anyhow!


  1. what a beautiful party! the table looks fabulous!

  2. Fun! I LOVE those centerpieces. I always forget about fresh flowers because my cats would eat them ... and then when I have a party (and banish my cats to the guest room ... because crowds freak them out), flowers don't cross my mind. But they're soooo pretty!

  3. yummy! i <3 the trader joe's extra firm tofu & use it for bbq-ing!


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