Back from Beantown

Swanboats  at rest for the night in the Boston Public Garden.

Not Paul Revere!


The Charles River overlooking Cambridge

Me in front of my old dorm at Beacon and Arlington--across the street from the Public Garden--with views of the Charles.

Over the week of July 4, we drove all the way up to Massachusetts to visit my family. Since my sisters were kind enough to watch my little ones, Mr. Scissors and I ventured up to my old haunt of Boston for a little relaxing time away. I truly miss Beantown and can't wait until we can head back again!

What did you do over the holiday week? Any travels or good food?


  1. So glad you enjoyed your time in Boston! The humidity's been a little intense here, but I suppose that's to be expected. I'm just happy the temps are in the 80s - I'm trying to soak up as much sun as possible!

  2. how fun! i'm glad you had a great time! love your dress!

  3. Boston's a great city! Cool that you got to visit old haunts.


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