NYC Seed Conference, Cinnamon Snail, Vegan Bodega, & Food Swings

A week ago, I was lucky enough to spend an entire week in New York. My husband was teaching at a school there and the whole family came along. Now, I always love chowing down when we are in the city, but I had low expectations on any fabulous or romantic meals since doing so is nearly impossible with two kids under six in tow. I did, however, have one, just one, culinary must-do while there: eat at the vegan lunch truck, Cinnamon Snail.

One night, while checking my email, I noticed that there was a Groupon (or other similar emaily spamy deal) for a vegan conference in NYC a few days away called, "The Seed," and then right after that, I noticed that the Cinnamon Snail would be at The Seed. Well, that seemed like a perfect fate! I too would now be at The Seed!

Since I have done a review of the Snail before, I won't go into super detail, because you know I lurv, lurv, lurv me some Snail.

We ordered two sandwiches to go (pictured above, the maple mustard tempeh), a "Cinnamon Snail" (pictured in the first shot), and two strawberry donuts for the kids. Seriously, the cinnamon bun was theee best I have ever had. The thing I love about their sweets is their non-vegan-greasy-Criscoy-ness. They are sweet without being overly sweet and natural without being overly natural.

Next, we headed into the conference. There were lots of vendors, presentations, people, excitement, yoga sessions... and quite frankly, I couldn't really participate in any of it because it was too hard to manage while also tending to the kids. It was all good, because none of us had the desire to spend too much time inside; it was a beautiful day and we all wanted to head out and enjoy the day ASAP.

Crispy wings from Food Swings and vegan caviar from The Vegan Bodega

However, despite the anciness of my family, there were quite a few things to entertain them, namely tons of free samples and food to purchase! By the end, my kids were refusing samples of chocolate. Who says no to a Jokerz bar?

Oh! One of the best parts of the show was meeting Michelle from Herbivore (why didn't I take a picture of their booth?). When I was working at House Industries, Ken and I developed an email friendship with Josh from Herbivore, so it was great meeting his better half.


  1. oh my gosh i want to stick my face in that cinnamon roll! haha sounds like the Seed was a great experience!

  2. lennyzimkusJune 25, 2012

    Cinnamon Snails cinnamon "snails" are ridiculous!

  3. Ooh the sandwich sounds awesome! Glad you enjoyed yrself in the city. Sounds like The Seed was a fun time too - I've heard good things.

  4. I've never seen vegan caviar before - how interesting! What was it made of? Did you like it?

    1. It was just salty. Not really fishy. I've never had the real stuff so way to compare. :)

  5. I love New York! I can;t believe I didn't make it to The Snail when I was there in May, next time!


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