Spotted: Cooking in Style on Mad Men

Photo Credit: Viral Vintage

Mr. Scissors and I are having our Monday night viewing of Mad Men and I scream out, "PAUSE IT! REWIND IT!"
"Why?" he asks.
"MEGAN! She's cooking with a Dansk Kobenstyle pot!"
"Sigh..." he, well, sighs.

Get the look! There are some great deals on ebay, like this yellow 5 Qt. yellow Kobenstyle Dutch oven being sold by Viral Vintage.

If you prefer not to cook with used pots, well, you are in luck because Crate and Barrel will be carrying Dansk's new Kobenstyle line in the near future! (I love, love, love you Crate and Barrel! I seriously want to move into the King of Prussia store.)

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  1. OMG I was screaming too when I saw that episode beacuse I have that exact pan!! I have two sets actually :) One in red also. Maybe I should sell them now! LOL


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