Score: Pennsylvania Dutch Gift Haus Vintage Goods

After we visited the bizarrely beautiful Roadside America miniature village (post tomorrow), we headed over to Pennsylvania Dutch Gift Haus. Since we didn't feel like hauling the kids out of the car, Mr. Scissors ran inside to check it out. Ten minutes later, he ran out, and out of breath exclaimed, "You've got to go in there. Vintage napkins, tablecloths. Go in and see." I eagerly sprinted in as my kids baked in the hot afternoon sun.

Wow! He was right! They had a great collection of vintage goods... some of which had probably been there since the 1950s. Much of it was priced accordingly though, and I could have easily dropped about 500 large. I did, however find some good deals.

Here is a selection of some of the linens I found for the shop and for my table. Come on, a "London Calling" linen tea towel? I had to get that! And that 1960s flower-power linen tablecloth had never been used. Hopefully life will ease up soon and I will be able to get them in the shop, ASAP.

The geek in me was so into the shopping bag the store owner gave me that I asked for another one just to keep. I liked the printed sayings, "A plump wife and a full barn never did a man harm," and "Kissin' wears out, cookin' don't." Perfect.

This was a choice by Mr. Scissors. He fell in love with a large assortment of different vintage paper napkins like these. My question to him was, "What are we going to do with them? We would feel too bad to use them." Maybe we will use them as an excuse to have a PA Dutch themed party. Shoofly pie anyone?


  1. OMG! I WOULD DIE IN THERE!!!!!! One can die of too much cuteness, right? My partner's fam is Dutch, and we just love little Dutch things!

  2. LOVE those textiles! I thought that one read "Sex Signs" lol. Your shop is going to look so HOT for summer!!!

  3. I love how they have so many Pa Dutch odd gifts! There so hard to find anymore and the store location is really simple to get to. Oh and you have to try the home made beef veggie soup and Shoe-Fly Pie! You don't know what your missing out on!


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