Restaurant Review: A Trip to Vegan Treats!

Since we were up in the Allentown, PA area this weekend, we kept promissing the kids, that if they were good, we would indulge us, I mean them, to a treat after dinner just knowing that we were so close to the legendary Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA. Well, Mr. Scissors and I knew regardless how they ate or acted, we were still going to go!

Here they are, above, running excitedly into the store. Kids in a candy shop!

The first thing you notice when you walk in--the refrigerated case, filled with all these amazing goodies. I could not believe that, for as many times as I have eaten Vegan Treats cakes for umpteen years, that I had never been in the bakery. These little pastry jewels, a cross between a cake and a cupcake, are, I'm pretty sure, unique to their home location because I have never seen them in any restaurant that carries the bakery's goodies.

I do wish that each flavor was marked though, because having to ask what each one was felt like a bother to everyone involved. The cashier did not seem to mind though answering all our questions.

The choices! Totally overwhelming. The kids quickly chose a cannoli and a brownie with a white chocolate covered pretzel on top. We had a harder time deciding. I finally settled on a black bottom banana cheesecake, a peanut butter chocolate cake (with homemade Reese's on top!), and the mister chose the Death by Chocolate (which is a standard choice for him).

When we got back to the hotel, the kids bounced off the walls, ate some of their treats, and watched cartoons as Ken and I shared the banana cheesecake (above) and finished watching the live show of 30 rock on Hulu. 

Oh. My. God. The cheesecake was amazing. I totally thought that little flower wrapper was plastic, but it was chocolate! How cute is that? It had a subtle banana flavor that was perfectly paired with the chocolate crust and frosting. The chocolate curls, banana puree, and chocolate wrapper gave the dessert a nice variation of tastes and textures. I think this is now my favorite baked good from Vegan Treats.

The next morning, I woke up to a cannoli. I know, life is hard, right? The cannoli are great, but less cannoli-ish and more pastry-ish. Think of an old-school cream-filled horn with a touch a cinnamon. Totally delicious paired with my morning brewed-in-the-room coffee.

After all that sugar, I am going to be detoxing, so don't look for anything quite so purty on the blog for awhile (unless you think kale juice is gorgeous like I do!).

Vegan Treats 
1444 Linden St Bethlehem, PA 18018 
(610) 861-7660


  1. I always get sucked into buying the cakes at Vegan Treats because they are so, so beautiful. And then an hour later I remember how I actually prefer donuts and brownies to cake and might have made a grave mistake.
    I like their cannolis, but totally agree with you. The filling is a lot less 'ricotta' and more like a donut filling.

  2. ah, so wish i could visit!! totally salivating here. btw, my friend said that a vegan restaurant near her in virginia carries a few of their desserts. i know that the restaurant is called "loving hut", but the location i'm not sure...falls church? arlington? either way...i need to try their cannolis!!

  3. What a decadent bakery! Holy cow. I would have lost it in a place like that.

    And kale juice, mmm ;)


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