Random Thursday: Food, Food, Food, Moons & Flowers

The view from my hotel room during my mom's day getaway.

Peonies! Peonies! Beautiful peonies in my backyard!

My little adventurous eater testing my "White Bean Mediterranean Hummus." Parents of picky eaters, have faith! This girl used to be so picky and she will eat most anything now. I'm really happy how much she has changed.

The thyme in our backyard is doing very well. It survived from last year, all through the mild winter and is quite happy back there.

Udon salad from HipCityVeg picnic in Rittenhouse Square on a Saturday afternoon.

A quick mixed green salad with baked Gardein.

A non-fish sauce papaya salad from a new take out in Wilmington, DE, Southeast Kitchen.

Mr. Scissors had a man-date tonight, so for dinner, I made a quick dinner of chickpea "tuna" salad with tomato and mache lettuce on sesame Ezekiel bread. So good!

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  1. Peonies!! That's my favorite flower! So gorgeous! ANd those salads look beautiful! And papaya --- yumm!! thanks for sharing!


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