A Quick Visit to HipCityVeg

This weekend, the family and I were hanging out in Rittenhouse Square in Philly, and before we headed home, my husband suggested that we grab a quick bite from HipCityVeg, a new plant-based eatery on 18th Street. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical because some friends of mine had a few things from the cafe, but weren't impressed. However, Mr. Scissors assured me that an associate of his is a regular there and loves it.

We ordered a "Crispy HipCity Ranch" ($8.50) and the "Curry Tofu Wrap" ($8.00). Holy. The ranch chicken sandwich was ay-may-zin! Mr. Scissors took one bite and said, "Oh yeah!" I grabbed it from him, took a bite, and exclaimed, "Oh my god! That tastes like KFC!" The best part of the sandwich was the char of on the chk'n patty. Now, I know there's a connection between Vedge/Horizons and HipCityVeg (HCV is owned by a former Horizon's employee and Rich Landau from Vedge consulted on the menu), and I could taste that connection through the style of the char. If you ever had the pleasure of having the seitan at Vedge or the former Horizons, you know that is the simply world's best. That charred patty is reminiscent of that seitan.

Next, I tested the curry tofu wrap with sprouts, spinach, tomato, cilantro-white bean purée, and cucumber raita. Now, I cut my cooking teeth learning how to cook Indian, so I may be a bit harder on this one. The tofu was awesome. Soft, but with a bit of that nice char flavor. The curry was tad grainy, but overall the flavor was really nice, mellow and balanced.

I was particularly interested in the raita and how it would work in the wrap. It seemed less of a raita and more of a chopped, crunchy cucumber. I felt the crunch was more distracting than complementing. If the cucumbers were peeled, grated, drained and then combined with the yogurt (and perhaps some dry roasted black mustard seeds for a bit more of flavor kick?), it would have meshed better with the tofu. Overall, I thought the wrap was good though, it just needs a little tweaking. And, oh yeah, the wheat wrap itself was really cold; it should have been warmed more before it was grilled.

Would I go back? Yes! The cafe is in my favorite part of city, just down the block from Anthropologie, right near Rittenhouse Square, and it's so nice to have a vegan place to grab a reasonably-priced bite. I can't wait to go back and try more!

127 S 18th St Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 278-7605 

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  1. Awesome!! I'd love to take a big bite out of that chicken sandwich!!


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