An Entire Weekend Without a Camera

Sorry I have been MIA lately. The weather has been too beautiful to blog! Plus, with the end of the school year coming up (whaaa?), my son recouping from strep, and having to pick of the pieces after my wallet and phone were stolen out of my car, it's been a little busy around here.

Since our weekend schedules are pretty jammed until the end of the summer, we used our last free weekend to set sails for a close-to-home adventure at Ft. Delaware on Pea Patch Island in the middle of the Delaware River. It was originally built as a union fortress to protect Philadelphia and Wilmington, but was used to house confederate prisoners during the civil war. Really interesting history. We all had our favorite parts of the trip, and mine was the boat ride. I just love being on the water; I think it's a part of my Azorian DNA. Totally forgot to bring a camera, but fortunately, Mr. Scissors had his phone and I snapped off these photos with it.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your wallet and phone. That's awful! And I hope your son is feeling better. The last time I had strep was in high school, after we did some taste testing thing in a physiology class and my best friend (who had strep) infected my entire class. I think the teacher got quite a few calls from ticked off parents after that. haha


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